William Carroll Duren and his Descendants

William Carroll Duren moved his family to Marion County, Arkansas, in 1868 from Gordons Ferry or Bennetts River in Big North Fork Township in Fulton County, Arkansas, where he had lived since sometime in the late 1850's when he had left Wayne County, Tennessee. He was born May 1, 1816, the son of James Duren of Davidson County, Tennessee, who was living in Wayne County, Tennessee, by 1830, William Carroll Duren married Margaret Abbie Baker in 1825, the daughter of Thomas and Ruth Lloyd Baker, in Wayne County, 1841. They became the parents of seven children whom they brought to a farm in the Cowan Barrens about 6 miles from Yellville in Bearden Township in 1868. Carroll Duren died in December 1879 and his wife died in 1912. They are buried in the Cowan Barrens Cemetery. Their children, except for one, married and lived in Marion County. Now there are many descendants.

(1) Levi Marion Duren was born in 1842 and joined the Confederate Army the day he was 19. He served in Company C of the 7th Arkansas Volunteer Regiment, enlisting at Camp Shaver, Arkansas. He was wounded in the Battle of Perryville, Kentucky in 1863 and received a Disability Discharge at Rome, Georgia. He continued his education and became a school teacher and an attorney, practicing many years in Yellville. Younger members of the family remembered him especially because of his long beard coming to his waist and for his wooden leg. He married Emmillianna (Emily or Emmy) Allen in 1869 in Yellville. She was the daughter of Joseph E. and Obedience Beedy Allen who had come from North Carolina to Marion County about 1856 after stopping about four years in Tennessee.

The 1860 census of Marion County listed Joseph E. Allen, a farmer of Union Township, and his wife Beedy with the following children: Bythen; Emmillianna; Lena A.; Thomas J.; John R.; and Alfred, the only child born in Arkansas. The family was still in Marion County in 1870. Levi Marion Duren died in 1923 and his wife died in 1932. They are buried in Yellville Cemetery. They were the parents of ten children who grew up in Yellville. Joseph William (Bill) Duren was born in 1870 and was married to Netty Petty; James Ellison died in infancy; Thomas (Tom) Allen married a Miss Massey: Patrick (Pat) married Lucy Kellher. They had three children: Herbert, Henry and Mary Duren Nixon. Alfred Benginens Carroll Duren had one daughter. Margaret (Maggie) Obedience was married to Eugene Daniels. After Mr. Daniels' death, she married Gordon Hutchinson and they were the parents of Margaret Hutchinson who married Leon Kennedy. Lorna Bertha Duren died in infancy; Levi Charles (Charley); Samuel (Sam) Peel Duren married Ina Jones of Yellville and they had one son, Robert (Bobby) Marion Duren who married Betty Jo Burns. Sam Duren was a Civil Engineer who spent most of his life in Marion County. He died in 1972 and is buried in Layton Cemetery in Yellville. Huldah Jane Duren was born in Texas and married Samuel T. Donohoe.

(2) James Duren was born in 1844 and enlisted in the Confederate Army in Company D of the 16th Regiment of Louisiana Infantry in 1861. After the war he went to Texas and died there in 1894.

Reprinted with permission from History of Marion County edited by Earl Berry, copyright 1977.