Gallery of Main Street

An aerial view of Flippin with the present
day Alford Street in the lowerleft corner.

A view of Main Street (Highway 62). This photo
has the Municipal Building on the right side
of the picture.

An aerial view of Flippin with Main Street
in the center.

In Main Street, looking west from Old Wood Garage, 1934, Flippin City Hall.

Flippin Main Street looking east (early 1900's) Left to Right, two men are watering their team at the town pump which sat in the middle of Main Street. H.H. (Brother) Patrick, Hiram Gay, Unknown, Asa Dutton. George Billings, Jack McCracken, Joe Parker, Lindon Marberry standing on the porch of Cowdrey's Store which was located near where Sander's Store is now.

Main Street in Flippin, looking west from Second Street. Notice the Post Office at the far end facing the street, close to the Glenn and Bernice Johnson home. (Early 1920's)