by Dorothy Cox

Samuel Railsback and Nancy Wickersham were born in Kentucky, raised in Indiana, and were married in Park County, Indiana in 1838. In 1843 they had settled in Marion County, Arkansas, in Section 21, Township 21, Range 18 on 80 acres of land. They were farming with four mules and two cows.

Their children were: Mary who died as a child; Susanna, born in 1844 and died between 1860 and 1870 without having married or having children; Edward, born in 1846, who married Martha E. Conley (Connally) about 1868; Sarah, born 1848 and died between 1860 and 1870, leaving no children and probably never having been married; Daniel, born 1850, married Catherine Athey about 1871; Thomas, born 1852, married Margaret Coker, daughter of James M. Coker, M.D., about 1874; Cynthia Jane, married George S. P. Athey about 1878; Nancy Margaret, who married J. W. Gay, probably about 1875.

Samuel died in 1857 or 1858. Nancy kept her family together and never re-married. There is at least one descendant of Samuel and Nancy Railsback now living in Marion County.

Reprinted with permission from History of Marion County edited by Earl Berry, copyright 1977.