One of the early families to settle in Marion County was that of Pyle, who were descendants of Dr. William Pyle, Sr., born in Holland in 1735. He grew to young manhood in that country and came to America about 1755, bringing his bride with him. They stopped at New Burn, Kentucky, where four boys were born: John, Hansford, Thomas and William, Jr. This fourth son, William, Jr., is the ancestor to move into our county and rear his family.

Dr. William moved his family to Christian County, Kentucky, and settled on a farm four miles east of the present city of Hopkinsville. It is said that he donated the land where the first courthouse for Christian County was built. It was here that William, Jr. met and married Charlotte Mauldin Adams in 1821. To them was born Samuel Gove. They moved into southeast Illinois and later into Polk County, Missouri, where Samuel met and married Catherine Genetta Needham Anglin in 1840. They lived in Missouri for several years and reared a large family. The 1860 census of Polk County, Missouri, lists William and Charlotte living in the household of Samuel Gove and Catherine, with the following children: Joseph. Thomas G., Samuel E., Gamaliel A., Nathan, John Epps, Lucy Charlotte, and Isabelle. In March of 1866 this family came to Arkansas and settled on Greasy Creek, six miles southeast of Yellville at a large spring, known for years as the Pyle Spring.

In 1870 the Arkansas Census lists another child, Genetta. It still listed William, but Charlotte was not listed. The 1880 census lists three more children: Gove M.; Nancy E.; and Mary C. L., but William had died in 1874 and was buried in the old Pyle Cemetery on Greasy Creek, now abandoned.

By the early l880's these children -- now grown and with families -- decided to go farther west, except Gamaliel, John Epps and Lucy Charlotte. Lucy Charlotte, called Lottie, married George A. Elton. To this union were six children, one of whom was Albert, a Doctor of Medicine. He was one of the best physicians and surgeons from this county. He practiced in the home community of Bruno until about the 1920's when he moved to Newport where he practiced until his death in about 1946.

John Epps died when a young man and is buried in the old Pyle cemetery referred to above.

Gamaliel Anderson, who came to Marion County in 1866, married, first, Sarah Moore in 1867. They had two sons: William Alfred and John Samuel. Sarah died when John was only two years old. Alfred married Rowenna Williams in 1896 and they had Delmar and Eunice. Rowenna died when the children were young and Alfred married Lou Adams. Delmar and Eunice both died while teenagers; Alfred died in 1949 or 1950 and Lou died a year or two later.

John was married to Julia Ann Angel in 1896. Four children were born: Vernie, who married George Cavaness, and reared three girls and a boy; Gilbert, who married Essie Adkins, reared a boy and a girl; Arvil, who married Edna Setzler, had one daughter; Dixie, who married Karl King, reared two adopted daughters. John died in 1951 and Julia Ann died in 1954.

Gamaliel married Sarah Hudspeth in 1873. To this union were: James T.; George M.; Mary and Lucy (both dying as children); Alice; and Obed. All reared families in the Bruno community of Marion County. Gamaliel died in 1928.

James, born in 1875, married Ida Hulen and five daughters were born to them: Zelma, who married Delmar Massey; Alsie, who married Pierce Phillips and reared three children; Neville, who married Pat Herrington and reared six children; Jimmy, who married Lester Lefevers and reared three girls. Ida died in 1938 and James T. lived until 1960.

George, born in 1877, married Argenta Guffey. To them were born: Elva, who married Walter Adams and reared four children; Olaf, who married Vonnie Massey and reared three children; Hoyt, who married Wanda Chastain and reared two children; Norvel, who married Alva Ott and reared six children; Clifton, who married Inez Horner and reared three children; George Jr., who married Ruby Dillard and reared two children. George, Sr. died in 1969 and his wife had preceded him several years.

Alice, born in 1881, was married to Wilson Angel and to them were born: Burch, who married Laura Holiday and reared a son; Brooksie never had children; Nadine, family unknown; Eugene died in his teens; and the other child died in infancy. Alice was the last of Gamaliel's children to pass from this life.

Obed, born in 1887, married Maude Angel and reared Nina, who married Earl Adams; Johnny, who married Howard S. Keeling and reared three children; Edward, who married Marcella Smith and reared a son; O. B. Jr., who married Lucy Dell Adams and reared two children. Obed died in 1966 and Maude is living in Harrison, Arkansas.

Reprinted with permission from History of Marion County edited by Earl Berry, copyright 1977.