by Mildred Parnell

The Parnell family had its beginning on Parnell Island as far back as 1679. The family migrated to England about 1776. Later, after the colonies were settled, three brothers sailed for the new country, landing about where Gulfport, Mississippi, is now located.

In 1859 Richard Parnell was born near Bakersfield, Missouri. He married Christina Mariott (born in 1860 near Bakersfield.) Richard Parnell's family moved and settled on land south of Yellville, later moving to Onset, now known as Rea Valley. The Parnell children were: Edward, Andrew, Tillman, Ochra Faye, and William.

Edward Parnell married Jackline Hall and their children were: Rosco, Cleto, Ratio, Bernice, Mary Dell, Edward Jr., and Beatrice. Rosco is deceased. Cleto married Stella Cornell and there was one child, Bonnie Jean, wife of A. G. Johnson. They have one child, Evelyn Jo. Ratio Parnell married Kathern Pierce and they were the parents of two boys. Bernice married Loyd Wooten and they had one child, Marline. Mary Dell and Edward, Jr., are both deceased. Beatrice Parnell married Clifford Gilliland and they are the parents of two children, Ruth and Jack.

Andrew Tillman Parnell married Essie Jane Burch and they were the parents of George Clair Parnell, deceased; Mildred Parnell; Hugh Parnell; and Clyde Parnell. Hugh married Dottie Mae Copeland and they are the parents of Hubert, Clyde Floyd, Lee and Darrell. Hubert married Patricia Wilbanks and they have three children; Clyde Floyd married Lany Tilley and they have three children; Lee married Nancy Pilgram and they have three children; and Darrell has not married.

Clyde Parnell married Margaret Poole and they were the parents of Donna Marie, wife of Victor Gregory and mother of two boys; Dian Jo; and Deloris, who married Michael Hopper and is the mother of two boys.

Ochra Faye Parnell married Hardy Wood. To this union were born: Helen, Lucian, Lee, Glenn, Melba and Bessie. Helen married Hammond James; Lucian married Vena Marberry; and the wives of Lee and Glenn cannot be recalled, but Lee has two children and Glenn has a daughter; the husbands of Melba and Bessie are not given in this report but Melba has two sons and Bessie has one son.

William Parnell married Ida Mae Ott. To this union were born: Thelma, Vera, Wilma Jean, Harvey and Mary Katherine. Thelma married Rollie Carroll and they have two children; Vera, who is now deceased, married Manuel James and they were the parents of Jerry and Donald; Wilma Jean is deceased; Harvey married Jean Hurst and they have two sons; Mary Katherine married Kenneth Campbell and they have three children.

Reprinted with permission from History of Marion County edited by Earl Berry, copyright 1977.