by Margie Duffy

John Pangle was born near Chattanooga, Tennessee, on November 11, 1818, of Scotch-Irish, German-Dutch descent. He married Elizabeth McKeehan and they reared a large family of nine children. In 1857 John and Elizabeth Pangle moved to Dade County, Georgia; in 1869 they moved by wagon train to Marion County, Arkansas, where they first settled and cleared land and farmed where Fairview Cemetery is now located. They lived in a log cabin there; later they moved to Jimmies Creek, and finally owned what is now the Cornell farm at Flippin.

The children of John and Elizabeth Pangle are: Nancy, who married John Pilgrim; Margaret; Isaac, who married Lovie Texana Harper; James, who moved to Oklahoma; Lydia, who married Joe Sanders; George, who married Martha McCracken; Sarah, who married Matt Mitchell who died young; Francis, who served in the Confederate Army and died while a prisoner of war in 1863; Vicki, who married Jim Sanders. Many descendants of this family are now living in Marion County.

The children of Nancy Pangle and John Pilgrim are: Will; Joe, Jim, Matt, and Sarah. Nothing is known of Margaret Pangle. Isaac Pangle and Molly McElyea Pangle were married in 1872 and their children were: Ollie, who married Cam Johnson; and Simon, who never married. Mollie Pangle died in 1882. In 1886 Isaac Pangle married Lovie Texana Harper. Their children were: Joby, who married Nancy Burleson; Euna, who married Linley Williams; Henry, who married Isabel Wilson; Iva, who married Joe Godfrey; Jewel, who married Zella Milum; Auburn, who married Bertha Narramore; Tressie, who married Chester Narramore; Hazel, who married Cam Milum. Nothing is known of James Pangle's family.

Lydia Pangle married Joe Sanders and their children were: Hettie, who married Willie Lynch; Lester, who married Mettie Briggs and later Bonnie York Brewer; Elsie, who married Charlie Beavers; Collie, who married Bertha Noe; Johnnie, who married John Briggs; and Ralph, who married Georgia Wilson.

The children of George Pangle and Martha McCracken Pangle were: Eva, who married Levi Johnson; Ella, who married Willis Huddleston; Robert, who married Ruby Reed; Della, who married Ewin McBee; Francis, who married Ida Estes and later Donie Holland; Zella, who married John Lincoln; Nellie, who married Carl Flippin and later Emery Estes; and Willie, who married Mamie Jenkins.

The children of Vicki Pangle Sanders and Jim Sanders are Dossie, who never married; Gussie, who never married; Ned, who never married; and Gladys, who married Ples Gibson.

Reprinted with permission from History of Marion County edited by Earl Berry, copyright 1977.