by Pearl Noe Collins

The Noe family came from England. According to records Noe families were there in 1637. It is not known when they came to America, but they settled in Virginia and from Lee County, Virginia, came to Arkansas, locating in Marion County in 1850. There were four brothers: William Martin, Hiram, Jack and Fletcher; a sister Mary married Dr. Small.

Fletcher Noe and Martha Jane Resnik were married in Virginia. Their children were: William F.; John F.; Wesley Crittenden (Crit); and Hiram. Crit married Ellender McAfee and their daughter, Ellen, married Emory Estes. After his wife's death, Crit Noe married Dora Duvall Johnson and their children were: Maude, Neale; Carey; Hobart; Bertha, who married Collie Sanders; Nettie Lee; Elmer; Kingdon; Frank; and Harold. The Crit Noe family and that of Emory Estes are well-known in Marion County.

Dr. William Martin Noe married Ann E. Hough, daughter of Dr. Edgar Hough, who came from England, and Harriet LaRue Hough. After Dr. Hough's death, his widow married Dr. Carlisle. The children of Dr. Noe and Ann are: John Fletcher; Hiram; Dollie Mae; Mamie; Grace; and Robert L. John F. married Allie Williams; Dollie E. married Alva Alex Thompson; Mamie married Will Carter; Grace married Rolla Manning; and Robert married Myrtle Lynch.

The children of Will Carter and Mamie are: Ruth, who died in her teens; Fay, who married Leland Doshier, son of Anthony and Eliza Doshier; Harold; Oswald; and Mary. The children of A. A. and Dollie Thompson are: LaRue, who married Leslie Gosnell; Anna Sue, who married Kelly Young; and William Alex (Bill), who married Jo Franks, daughter of Marvin and Kate Franks of Cotter.

The Carters and Thompsons were in the mercantile business in Yellville for many years -- not as partners or at the same time, however. Both wives assisted their husbands in the stores. The Carters went to southern Texas and have remained there. Fay's husband Leland was Postmaster at Ed Couch, Texas, for many years. A. A. Thompson continued in business until he was forced to retire because of poor health. He died soon after retirement. His wife remained in her home at Yellville for several years then went to live with her daughters. The Gosnells lived near Fruita, Colorado, until a short time ago, when they retired. LaRue was a teacher there. They now live in Arizona. The Youngs live in Oklahoma City and have a daughter, Kelly Sue. Bill and Jo have a son Mike who is married and living in Mountain Home. Dollie Thompson lived a long and useful life. Her death occurred in 1976 -- almost 97 years of age.

This information was submitted by Anna Sue Young and LaRue Gosnell.

John D. Noe I married Polly Myers, a sister of Peggy Myers, who married Henderson Fee. The Noes, Fees, and Myers left Harlan County, Kentucky, in 1850 or 1851 during the McCoy -- Hatfield feud. They came on flatboats on the Ohio River to Cairo, Illinois, then down the Mississippi to the mouth of White River and up White River to Batesville, Arkansas. They then came by ox-wagon to Buffalo, Arkansas, and made a crop. There the families separated. The Fee family and some of the Noes went up Crooked Creek and lived in and near Yellville. Henderson Fee homesteaded land on Crooked Creek west of Yellville.

The family of John D. Noe went up White River and located near Oakland in Marion County. They bought a river farm from a black man named Dave Hall and homesteaded the upper part of the Noe farm near Promise Land in 1851. Dave Hall died in 1851 and was buried on the Noe farm near the Noe Cemetery. The Noe family lived in a log cabin near the river.

John D., I. and Polly had three sons and two daughters. David M. Noe (1842-1915); Daniel Noe (1842-1919); (Daniel's wife, Mary, was born in 1850 and died in 1873). John D. Noe II (1852-1892) had two daughters, Minty and Mary but dates and marriages are unknown.

When the John D. Noe I family lived in the log house on the river during the Civil War, their son David was in service. Jayhawkers came to the home and threatened to kill his mother if she didn't tell them where he was. She could not tell them, so they became angry and ripped her feather bed open. She had hidden some corn in the bed and, of course, the jayhawkers fed it to their horses. David M. Noe was gone two years. He came home and, after staying with the family for some time, went to Springfield, Missouri. He married there and was a partner in the McGregor-Noe Hardware Store in Springfield. His wife preceded him in death and he passed away in 1915. Both are buried in Maple Park Cemetery.

Daniel Noe married and was the father of two sons: David and Johnnie. Johnnie Noe and family moved to Missouri; David (Bud) Noe lived for a number of years in Summit and owned a general store there.

John D. Noe II married Rosa Lee Milburn. They were the parents of four sons and one daughter. Clyde Noe (1880-1908); David M. Noe (1885) who is still living; Vernie Noe (1888-1967); and Deanbry Noe (1890-1921). In 1899 Clyde Noe married Erline Murry, who had moved to Arkansas from Alabama in 1885. They were the parents of one son, Milburn, who died in infancy, and four daughters: Pearl Noe (Mrs. Sneed) Collins, Cotter, Arkansas; Violet Noe McLean, deceased, who lived in Wichita Falls, Texas; Ruby Noe West, deceased, of White Deer, Texas, and Gladys Noe Chandler, of Harrison, Arkansas. Clyde Noe passed away in 1908, and one year later Erline and the children moved to Cotter, Arkansas. She lived there until she passed away in May 1929.

David M. Noe married Mary Catharine (Bird) Hicks of near Oakland, and they were the parents of four daughters and two sons: Duff Noe, who died at the age of 10 and is buried at Promised Land; Hazel Noe Elliott of Phoenix, Arizona; Juanita Noe Blair of Clovis, New Mexico; Lucille Noe Dickey of Seattle, Washington; and Marvin, the older son who lives in Texola, Oklahoma, with his father. The family moved to Oklahoma in the early 1920's and the mother, Mary Catharine, passed away in 1973.

Vernie Noe married Annie Gann of Oklahoma and she preceded him in death. They had four sons and one daughter. The sons are: Alvin of California; Dean and Ray of Muskogee, Oklahoma; and Harold, who is deceased. The daughter, Nadine, lived in Stillwell, Oklahoma. She died in Muskogee, Oklahoma, in 1967.

Deanbrey Noe married Cleo Hicks of near Oakland, Arkansas. They moved to Erick, Oklahoma, in the early 1920's and had two daughters: Opal Hicks, who married and is deceased; and Rubye Hicks, who married and lived in Alaska for a number of years. Deanbrey Noe Hicks died in 1921. Her husband re-married and died several years ago.

John D. Noe II taught school in Marion County for several years. He taught at Kingdon Springs and at Price Place. He passed away in 1892 and his wife, Rose Milburn Noe, passed away in 1905. Their son, David M. Noe, is living in Texola, Oklahoma, and has lived longer than any other of this family.

Bull Shoals lake covers the Noe farm and part of the Clyde Noe homestead. The Noe Cemetery was relocated on Promised Land Ridge and joins the Promised Land Cemetery. Clyde, Erline, and Duff Noe were buried in the Promised Land Cemetery before the Noe Cemetery was relocated.

Another Noe was Thomas Noe, known to his many friends as Uncle Tom Noe. He lived on a farm on the Fallen Ash Road between Summit and Flippin. His wife was Rachel Kimball. They were the parents of nine children: Rettie, Belle who died at 16; Matilda; Frankie; Myrtle; Virgie; Bill (Buck); Pearl and Charley.

Matilda, better known as Tilda, married Bud Vancil, then Charley Estes. Myrtle married Grover White, and Virgie married Kenneth Bryant.

This information was submitted by Mary Estes.

Reprinted with permission from History of Marion County edited by Earl Berry, copyright 1977.