by Pearl Noe Collins

John Jefferson Murry (1843-1893) and his family moved to Arkansas in 1885 from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and homesteaded on Promise Land Ridge. His wife was Louisa E. Pierson (1845-1920). They came by ox-wagon, crossing the Mississippi River on a ferry boat.

John Jefferson and Louisa Murry were the parents of five daughters and one son: Janie, who married Wolford Armer of Osage, Arkansas. They had three daughters and one son; Delia Murry, who married Alf Pascoe and lived at Ralph, Arkansas. He operated the old water mill on Water Creek until his death. Delia had one daughter, Bertha Pascoe Jenkins of Oklahoma, and two sons -- Loie Pascoe of Tahlequah, Oklahoma, and Ralph Pasco of Ralph, Arkansas; Elizabeth Ann (Lizzie) Murry, who married Rev. Barton Bayless of Promise Land, and they had five children: Don, Price, Yerba, Inez, and Millie. Rev. Bayless preached in the White River Association for years. Eva Murry Branscum of Hendrix, Oklahoma, is deceased. The son, Y. Murry, married Victoria Bayless and lived in Cotter until their deaths. There was one daughter, Rena, who married Ted Williams, lives in Cotter. Louisa Murry, the mother, and daughter, Eva Branscum, lived in Cotter until Eva married and moved to Oklahoma. Erline Murry Noe, the fifth daughter, will be found in the Noe family history.

Reprinted with permission from History of Marion County edited by Earl Berry, copyright 1977.