The Layton family came from Scotland. They came to Virginia, but the family settled in Spartanburg County, South Carolina. John and Elizabeth Layton are the first Laytons about whom anything is known. He was a soldier in the War of 1812 and about 35 years after the war ended the family came to Greene County, Missouri. Later they moved to Christian County, Missouri, where both passed away at Ozark before the Civil War.

Dr. Augustus Layton was one of several children of John and Elizabeth and was born in Spartanburg County. He received a good education there and after his marriage to Ellen Scott, he moved to Cofferville, Mississippi. In the 1840's he settled in Greene County, Missouri. Having prepared for the medical profession in the East, he engaged in practice there, later going to Forsythe, Taney County. Dr. Layton came to Marion County before the outbreak of the Civil War and established the Layton sawmills along the northern border of the state. After the war began, Dr. Layton took his family to a place of greater security. When the war ended, the family came back to Yellville and found that neglect and destruction of property had brought great financial loss. The mill was repaired and for a time he and his son operated it. He then returned to the practice of medicine.

The children of Dr. and Mrs. Layton were Leonidas, a Confederate soldier who died in 1871; Lycurgus, who was killed in the early part of the war; Amanda, who married a Massey; Elizabeth, who died in Greene County, Missouri, as the wife of R. Jeffries; Augustus S., who married Sue Wilson; Ellen, wife of Dr. Hart; George W., whose wife was Huldah Hurst; Sadie, who married J. B. Wilson; and Austin, whose wife was Annie Reed.

Augustus S. Layton was born in Greene County, Missouri, in 1843 and spent his childhood there. At the beginning of the war, he enlisted in the Confederate Army as a member of Company I, 4th Missouri Regiment, part of General Price's army. He engaged in several battles, the last was the Battle of Vicksburg where he was taken prisoner. When he was paroled, he returned to Yellville to find that his parents had disappeared and it was some time before he located them.

From this time on the life of A. S. Layton is very interesting. He resumed work at the sawmill and he and his brother Leonidas made the lumber business pay. In 1869 he decided to take up his studies again and attended Clark's Academy at Berryville, Arkansas. When he came back to Yellville, he worked in the store of his brother, L. S. Layton, as a clerk, afterward opening a store for himself. Later, he was in partnership with U. C. McBee and J. S. Cowdrey at different times. His interest in brokerage led him into the banking business and, in 1892, he established the Bank of Yellville with a paid-up capital of $25,000. He owned all the stock himself and directed it and other interests until his death in 1903. He was an active Democrat and Mason.

In 1871 he married Miss Missouri (Sue) Wilson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Isaac C. Wilson. Their children were: Edna, wife of J. C. Berry; Virginia, who married Dr. W. W. Walton; Flora, who married Frank Pace, a prominent attorney of Little Rock; Walter E.; L. H.; and Willie, whose husband was Grover James, a prominent attorney of Joplin, Missouri. Walter Layton's first wife was Neville Covert, who died during the flu epidemic of 1918-19. He later married, in 1921, Blanche Holbert of Memphis. L. H. Layton married Helen Walden and two daughters, Florence and Martha, were born to this union.

Very few of the descendants of A. S. and Sue Layton are Iiving in Marion County. The home, built in the 1800's, burned some time between 1912 and 1917. The beautiful home built on the site of the one that burned was sold and moved to a new location. On the lots where the A. S. Layton and Walter Layton homes stood, two new business buildings have been erected. They are the Professional Building and Arkansas Power and Light Company. The large stone building on the corner of Main and Mill Streets was built by the Layton heirs, about 1904, and was known as the Layton Department Store for many years.

This information was taken from THE HISTORICAL REVIEW OF ARKANSAS by Fay Hempstead, 1911 Edition, and from CENTENNIAL HISTORY OF ARKANSAS by Dallas T. Herndon, 1922 Edition.

Lycurgus Layton married Lydia Ann Stobaugh in Taney County, Missouri. He was killed by bushwhackers as he was putting in a crop for his family while home on leave from the Confederate Army. Three daughters were born to this marriage, the third after his death. His widow and three daughters moved to Marion County. The girls were: Ellen, who married and moved to Idaho; Cora, who married James Williams, a preacher, and lived in Yellville until her death. She had one son, Jamie. Medora, the other daughter of Lycurgus, married William Epps Fielding and lived in Yellville for some years, later moving to Harrison, Arkansas. Mr. Fielding was an attorney and represented Marion County in the lawsuit which resulted in carving Baxter County from Marion and adjoining counties.

Lydia Ann Stobaugh Layton later married Isaac C. Wilson of Yellville but had no children.

There were 11 children born to the marriage of William Epps Fielding and Medora Layton. They are: Maude Fielding, married James Hunt and had the following children: Clem, Leola, Lennie, Dollie, Jess, Dora Catherine and one whose name is unknown.

Mary Cora Fielding married Clarence E. Pond and one child was born: Jennie Fielding Pond. William L. Pielding married Daisy Keegan and six children were born to this marriage but names are unknown. Henry Rhodes Fielding married Faye Tipton and two children were born: Robert, who married Wanda Briggs; and William, who married Julia Klein. Percy Shelley Fielding died in infancy; John Epps married Elizabeth Snyder and six children were born: Virginia Elizabeth, Lawrence William, Lydia, Emma Ellen, John Velvie and Cecelia Mae. Lydia Ann married William Fishman and one child was born: Vivian Frances; Charles Darwin married Emma Sweeton and three children were born: George, Wilma Jean and Charles; Sarah Lelia Fielding married Harvey W Barham and two children were born: Ida Vivian and Harvey. Ida Vivian's first husband was Lucian Weast Nowlin and they had one child, Lucian Weast Nowlin, Jr., who married Sharon Haines and has one child, Candice Corlene.

Vivian Fielding married Opie Davis and two children were born: Jerry Lee and William Henry. Virginia Fielding married John F. Young and four children were born: William Franklin, Mary Jo, Betty Marie and Roger Allyn.

This information was furnished by Jennie Fielding Pond.

The Layton son who lived on a farm near Yellville was Austin (Ossie). He married Annie Reed and they reared a large family. The children are: George, Mary, Lavada, Willie, Frank, Danny, Annie, Lydia, Jim and lone. Three of the sons, Will, Frank, and Danny, worked as coopers in Memphis, Tennessee, and in Illinois. Jim worked in the stave mills.

Mary married Wes Estes, son of William and Julia Covington Estes, and for several years the Estes family has lived in Summit, Arkansas.

This information was submitted by Mary Estes.

George W. Layton, another son of Dr. and Mrs. A. S. Layton, married Huldah Hurst, a daughter of Robert J. and Mary Adams Hurst. They were the parents of Ethel, Ernest, Edith, Eva and Georgia. Ethel married Deb (Delbert) Foster and left Marion County. Ernest married Helen Jefferson, daughter of Robert B. and Ida Wood Jefferson. After living here for a few years, where Ernest was employed at the Bank of Yellville, they went to Hot Springs. Edith married Mr. Rambo and later married a second time. Eva married Mr. Cowan, but died within a few months. Georgia married, first, Clyde T. McCarty and, second, a Mr. Ferguson.

Sadie Layton married James B. Wilson, son of Isaac C. and Martha Burleson Wilson. Their children were: Myrtle, Jerome, Marvin, May, and Fred. Myrtle married Scott Tegarden; Jerome married Virgie Patterson; Marvin married Effie Weast; May married James C. Perkins; Fred married while quite young but died soon after.

After their companions died, James B. Wilson and Hulday Hurst Layton married and their marriage brought together two families who were first cousins. The Wilson children were double cousins of the children of A. S. and Sue Wilson Layton. Mr. and Mrs. Wilson were the parents of one daughter, Neville.

Another member of the Layton family was Arthur Layton, who married Pearl Hutchinson. Their children are: Lucian and Leslie (twins); Lydia; Eugene (Cut); and Mary Ellen. Several years ago the family moved to California. Lucian is the only one who lives in Yellville.

Lucian Layton married Opal Hudspeth. They are the parents of two sons: Gerald Arthur (Jerry) and Lawrence (Larry). Jerry married Lena Frazier and they are the parents of Diane, who is married and has one child; Larry, a student at the University of Wyoming; and Suzanne, a high-school student. Jerry began working for the Gulf Oil Company at the age of 19 and has been working steadily for more than twenty-five years. He was for several years located at Fort Smith, then he was sent to Wyoming where he has been for the past four years. Recently he was transferred to Oklahoma City as District Drilling Superintendent. Larry, the other son of Lucian and Opal, served four years in the U. S. Navy and, after his discharge, entered an art school in Los Angeles. He is a commercial artist with his office in Los Angeles.

This information was submitted by Opal Layton.

Reprinted with permission from History of Marion County edited by Earl Berry, copyright 1977.