The Johnson Family

John W. Johnson and his wife, Sarah Davis Johnson (1832-1912) came to Marion County, Arkansas, after the Civil War from Jefferson County, Alabama. They lived for awhile near Gassville before buying a farm at Georges Creek.

John and Sarah had four children: Bart, who moved to Comanche, Texas, where he married and lived until his death; Eliza married James A. Coffee of Gassville; Melissa stayed in Jefferson County, Alabama, and married T. L. Smith; Henry lived for a short time in Comanche, Texas, but returned to Arkansas where he married Anne Williams in 1895. They rode horses from Georges Creek to Harrison for the ceremony. He was 46; she was 15. They lived at Georges Creek for many years and their children were: Viola, who married Virgil Stonecipher; Ruby married Bill Keeter; Opal married Wilson Keeter; Jess married Ivon Keeter; Ernie married Grace Keeter, and Troy never married.

A few years prior to 1908, Henry, Anne and children traveled by covered wagon to Comanche, Texas, where Anne and a premature child died in 1908. She was buried in McGuire Cemetery in Comanche County, Texas.

Henry and his children returned to Marion County, Arkansas, by train. He bought the interests of his mother, two sisters and one brother in the farm at Georges Creek. In 1903 during the presidency of Wm. McKinley, he had acquired additional land which adjoined the farm his father had bought.

John Johnson was buried under black walnut trees on the farm. His wife, Sarah, died at Gassville in 1912 and was brought by wagon to be buried at the farm near John's grave. Her body arrived after dark so she was buried by family members by the light of a bonfire. Large flat rocks now mark their grave sites.

Henry Johnson is buried at Georges Creek. Jess is buried at Pleasant Ridge. The others survive at this date 3/3/76.

This information was furnished by Deloris Johnson Sanders.

Reprinted with permission from History of Marion County edited by Earl Berry, copyright 1977.