by Duane Huddleston

Most of the Huddlestons of East Marion County are descendants of John Lane Conley Huddleston, who migrated to White River Township from Greene County, Missouri, during the Civil War. He was the son of David Huddleston Jr., (1767-1851) and Gemima Condley of Claiborne County, Tennessee. David, Jr., was the son of David Huddleston, and his parents were Daniel Huddleston and Mary Ball of Norfolk County, Virginia. Daniel was a Captain under George Washington during the Revolutionary War, and his son, David, Sr., was a Private in his Company.

John Lane Conley Huddleston was born March 13, 1815, in Claiborne County, Tennessee, and married Martha H. Noe at Cumberland Gap in 1834. They migrated to Taney County, Missouri, in late 1838, where he became a well-known lawyer, merchant and farmer. He moved his law practice to Springfield about 1856 and left his oldest son to run the mercantile business at Forsythe, Missouri; however, his support of the Confederate Army caused his removal to Marion County.

His children were: James Kennon, Ingabo Jane, Lucy Ann, Martha Melvina, John P. Vance, Wiley Bundy, David Berry, Charles Yancey and Felix Grundy. Charles Yancey and David Berry died before reaching maturity.

James K. Huddleston married Martha Francis Crenshaw and was later a merchant at Jacksonport and Newport. He was publisher of the Newport News newspaper at his death in 1878.

Ingabo Jane Huddleston married J. T. Vance and she died in 1855 at Lead Hill, Arkansas, without issue.

Lucy Ann Huddleston married Calvin Sharp Vance and they moved to Lead Hill in Boone County. They had three children: Jennie, John and Elizabeth. Some of their descendants still live in Boone County.

John P. Vance Huddleston married Nora Anderson of Yellville and later moved to Lead Hill, then to Joplin, Missouri, and finally to Texas.

Martha Malvina Huddleston married John Thomas Sutton, a Methodist minister and they were the parents of Ethel and Edith. Ethel married Johnny McCracken, a prosperous farmer, while Edith married into the Carlock family. Martha Malvina later married James Truman Spears.

Wiley Bundy Huddleston first married Mary Ray and to this union were born: David and Belle. After his wife died, he married Mary Atterbury Phillips and they had Thomas, Warner, Grundy, Nancy and Willis.

Felix Grundy Huddleston, the youngest of J. L. C.'s children, was born in 1860 and married Rachael Wickersham of Yellville. Their children were: Minie Belle, P. W. (Pearl Wickersham), Con (John Lane Conley), Eltis Landois and Myrtle Leslie. F. G. Huddleston was a farmer and merchant at Bruno where he was also the Postmaster. He sold his business at Bruno to his brother-in-law, George Wickersham, and used the money to finish Barnes Medical College in St. Louis, Missouri. He became a well-known doctor and had one of the first drug and mercantile stores at Flippin.

Con Huddleston married Stella Flippin, and they were the parents of Zena and Connis. Zena married R. A. Milum and Connis married Harmon Keeter of Mountain Home. The Milums had one son, Connie Mack, now a resident of South Arkansas. The Keeters had two sons -- Gary Lee and George Lane.

Minnie B. Huddleston was the wife of Eugene Johnson and the mother of Clemma, Thelma, Glenn, Raymond and Clyde. Only Glenn and Raymond now survive. Glenn Johnson, who married Bernice Adams, is a retired Postmaster of Flippin and Raymond, who married Maude Berry, lives near Fayetteville.

Pearl Wickersham Huddleston, a prosperous farmer and merchant, married Polly McFarland and they lived in Flippin. They were the parents of Ruth, Hardy, Theo, Rachael, Guyla, Walton, Mary N., Dolly Mae, Lowell Wayne, Thelma and Zelma.

Eltis Landois (Hud) Huddleston married Charlottie Guinn and they were the parents of: Clifton, Landois, Harold Duane, Helen Margaret, Kathleen (Susie) Winnifred, Nedra Lea, William Gene (Bill), Donald Larry, Archie Loyd and Dale Allen. "Hud" has been one of the leading citizens of Flippin for years. He has served on the County Board of Education and on the local school board for over 35 years. He served as President of the organization for 27 years. He was Secretary of the Flippin Gin Company, a merchant, timber buyer, shell buyer, cedar dealer, and for the last 31 years has engaged in the real estate business. At eighty years of age, he is still going strong.

Clifton and his wife, Jennie, live at San Juan, Puerto Rico; while Duane and his wife, Mary Deborah Carpenter Huddleston, are residents of North Little Rock. Helen Margaret and Dale Allen are deceased. Nedra Lee is the wife of Hugh Brazeal. Their children are: Brenda Joyce, Judith Ann, Richard Allen, Keny Lynn and Lisa K. Kathleen (Susie) married William H. Smith of North Little Rock, Arkansas, and their children are: Sharon Kaye, William Harold, Jr., and Randall Lynn. William Gene (Bill) married Joan Morey and they are the parents of Steven Craig, Elizabeth Ann, William David and Michael Guinn. Donald Larry is married to Billie Juanita Davis and they have two daughters -- Deborah Lynn and Rebecca Jayne. Archie Loyd and his wife, Helen, live in Kansas and they have one son, Bradley. Myrtle Leslie Huddleston married Don Cornell and they have no children.

Reprinted with permission from History of Marion County edited by Earl Berry, copyright 1977.