by Maude Doshier Sims and G. T (Tom) Sims

The Doshiers have been in Marion County many years. Wiley Doshier was the father of John Henry Doshier (1826-1902) who married Martha Ann Mears (1828-1894), the daughter of William F. Mears and Elizabeth Young Mears. There were nine children in the John Henry Doshier family. They are Elizabeth, wife of Tom Cooper; Wiley who married Alsie Hamphries; Jonathan Thomas who married Sarah Alice Thompson; Alford Harrison who married Martha Jane Baker; Louise, wife of Joe Williams; Mary, wife of Lafayette (Fate) Firestone; Martha Ann, wife of Tom ______, a minister; George who married Alice Langston; and J. H. (Bud) who married Albina (Bina) Thompson.

Elizabeth and Tom Cooper had no children; Wiley and Alsie had: Tennie, Willie, Nettie, Gus, Sadie and Dock; Jonathan Thomas (Daunt) and Alice were the parents of 12 children, four of whom died in infancy: Ammon Boone who married, first, Janie Summers and, second, Emma Lowman. The children of Boone and Janie are: Troy, Jewell, Donna, Floyd and Eva. Boone and Emma's children are: A. B. and Lon (twins), Genevieve and Sarah Jane. Lou Ada, daughter of Jonathan and Alice, married George Horner and their children were Inez and Vernon. William Harve married Lyda Summers and their children were: Harold, Doyne, Altus (Shorty), Gladys, Mildred, Charles, Bill and Clyde. Anna Maude, wife of George Thomas Sims. Vernie died while young and her twin Virgie married Lee Hamlet. Henry Claude married Flora Wickersham and their children are: Kitty, Henry (H. C.), Albert, and Peggy. Martha Pearl married, first, Ernest Wickersham and they had a son, Earl. Second, she married Wesley Wilson.

William T. Doshier married Julia Cowan, a daughter of John Wesley Cowan. Both were members of pioneer families. William and Julia were the parents of: Thomas Doshier whose wife was Eliza Jane Sims. Thomas and Eliza were the parents of: Roy, Eugene, who married Ruth Morrow; Walter Herbert, who married Minnie Smart; Manila Mae, whose first husband was G. W. Culdice and whose second husband was Fulton Patterson; Cecil, who married Bill Randolph; Mary Grace, who remained single; William Bascum, who married Helen Reichert; Margaret Irene, who married Lloyd S. Norberg; Florence Jane, who married Curt Rains; Thomas Wesley, who married Marie Ware, and Thurman C. (known as T.C.).

Robert G. (Bob) Doshier married Martha Ann Sims. They lived on a farm in the Cowan Barrens community. Many years ago the family moved to Texas. Their children were: Della, Elza Winfield, Bert, Frank, Hugh, Vernon, Ewell (Jack), Ila, Ola, Ruth, and Rosa. Della died when a child and Hugh died when a young man.

Elza and Bert were married but the names of their wives are not known. Elza died in the early 1970's and was the father of one or more children. Both Elza and Bert went to Kentucky and lived in or near Louisville. Frank married, but his wife's name is not known. Ewell (Jack) married Ruth____ . He died in the early 1970's, leaving no children. The names of Ila and Ola's husbands are not known. Ruth married _____ Harris and Rosa married M. C. Roberts. In 1972 she was living in Clovis, New Mexico.

Alford and Martha Jane's children were: King, Dessie, Russell, Harve, Dock, Myrtle, and Scott. Louise and Joe's children were John, Lee, Alice, Dora, and Barton. Mary and Fate Firestone's children were: Millie, Henry, Virige, Lafayette, Jr., and two who are not named. The children of Martha Ann and Tom are: George, Alice Gertrude Langston, Elvie, Delpha ,Orphus, and two not named. J. H. (Bud) and Bina's children are: Nellie, Veda, Ray, Lou, Paul, Alma, Florence, Ruth, and Maude.

Reprinted with permission from History of Marion County edited by Earl Berry, copyright 1977.