by Mildred Dobbs Wingate

Johnathan Dobbs was born in Franklin County, Georgia, on November 4, 1820. He married Elizabeth Snelson of Cook County, Tennessee. They came to Boone County, Arkansas, soon after their marriage, bringing his mother, Catherine Dobbs, with them.

Johnathan Dobbs was a captain in the Cavalry during the Civil War. His oldest son, William Thomas, fought along beside him. While the men were away fighting in the Confederate Army, Yankee soldiers raided the farm, tore down their fences, carried away their food and stole their fine horses. As they galloped away with their horses, one of the younger girls, Louisa, stood on the front porch, stomping her feet and screaming at them.

After the war the family moved to Marion County, Arkansas, in 1868. There they homesteaded 120 acres of land, built a home and lived the remainder of their lives.

Johnathan and Elizabeth were the parents of eleven children. They are: William Thomas, Eli Snelson, Mary Jane, Louisa, Cynthia, Melvina, James Calloway, Johnathan Kirby, Jefferson Davis, Seaborn Noonan, and Felix Newman Dobbs.

Captain Johnathan Dobbs died on January 17, 1892, and Elizabeth died on January 13, 1916. Both passed away at the homeplace on Georges Creek. Both were Missionary Baptists and Johnathan was a 32nd Degree Mason.

Reprinted with permission from History of Marion County edited by Earl Berry, copyright 1977.