Burch Family

by Loreita Ritter Hayden

Henry Burch, born in 1755, and his wife, Susannah (maiden name unknown), lived in Surry and Rockingham Counties in North Carolina until about 1789 when they moved to the Pendleton District of South Carolina. On April 1, 1790, Henry Burch was a witness to the deed for the land on which the town of Pendleton was built. He served as a Justice of the Peace and had large land grants there. His house (1822 Mills Map of Pendleton) was where Crow Creek met the Keowee River. His land included the sites of Fort Prince George and the Cherokees' Keowee Old Town. He died intestate in Pendleton County on June 9, 1822, and was survived by his wife and nine children, one of whom was Jarrett Burch, born in 1782 in North Carolina.

On June 19, 1805, in Pendleton County, Jarrett Burch married Emily "Milly" Pinson, born in 1787 in Spartanburg County, South Carolina, daughter of Joseph Pinson and his wife, Margery (maiden name unknown, born in 1758 in Virginia). Joseph Pinson, born January 30, 1754, in Orange County, North Carolina, was a son of Aaron Pinson and his wife, Elizabeth (maiden name unknown).

Aaron Pinson, who had land grants in the early 1750's in Orange County, was converted to the Baptist faith, and moved with other members of that sect in the 1760's to Laurens County, South Carolina. He had a land grant there in 1767, its location given by description and plat, and marked by Pinson's Ford on the Saluda River on Mills' 1822 Map of Laurens County. In 1767, he helped build Raeburn's Creek Baptist Church, of which he was later pastor. About 1773 he, with his children and their families, moved to North Carolina, whether in quest of land or to "preach the American cause in the back-country", as many Baptist preachers were then doing, is not known. On September 15, 1775, in Wilkes County, North Carolina, he per- formed the marriage ceremony of his son, Joseph, to Margery _______. By mid-May 1776, the family group was in the Nolichucky River settlement, and it was here that Joseph Pinson first served in the Revolutionary War, when the British-directed Cherokees attacked the three western-most frontier settlements on July 15, 1776. Thereafter, he and the other sons and sons-in-law of Rev. Aaron Pinson served as they were needed against the Cherokees, Tories and British in North Carolina and Virginia. On December 23, 1776, the Rev. Aaron Pinson was one of the Justices of the Peace appointed for the Washington District by the new North Carolina Congress. The Pinson and related families are on the 1778 tax list of Washington County, North Carolina (now Tennessee) and in 1782 Joseph Pinson had a land grant there. In 1782, the Rev. Aaron Pinson and some of his family groups were taxed in Wilkes County, North Carolina, while other family groups are listed as living in Washington and Sullivan Counties (now Tennessee). In 1784-85 they all moved back to Laurens County, South Carolina, with Joseph and another son, settling in adjacent Spartanburg County. The Rev. Aaron Pinson resumed his pastorate of Raeburn's Creek Church and served until his death. He wrote his will on February 21, 1794, but the date of his death is unknown. His wife, Elizabeth, was deceased September 3, 1803, when the heirs petitioned the Laurens County Court to settle the estate. Joseph Pinson and his family then moved to Pendleton County where his daughter, Emily, married Jarrett Burch.

In 1823, Joseph and Margery Pinson, with all their children and their families, moved to Rabun County, Georgia, and bought land in the Wolf Fork Valley where "Pinson Mountain" is still known today. Susannah Burch, widow of Henry (deceased 1822 at Pendleton), must have moved with them as a member of the household of Jarrett Burch. In 1827 Susannah Burch is listed with Emily Burch and Margery Pinson as a founding member of the Head of Tennessee Baptist Church. She does not appear in the 1830 census of Rabun County. Joseph Pinson died May 26, 1838, and was buried in his family cemetery. His widow, Margery, went to live with a daughter in Walker County and died in Lafayette, Georgia, June 9, 1852, at the age of 94, and was survived by only four of her twelve children.

Jarrett Burch and his wife, Emily Pinson, and their family were pioneer settlers of Union County, Georgia, where they bought land before 1840. In 1856, when Union County was divided, their land lay in the part that became Towns County. On May 2, 1853, Jarrett Burch, Sr., wrote his will which states "to my beloved wife Milly with whom I have lived in the strictest quiet for forty-eight years..." He died on April 5, 1856, and was buried in the Bell Creek Baptist Church cemetery at Hiawassee. He had served in the War of 1812. His sons and other family members held numerous offices in Union and Towns Counties over the years, and his wife, Milly, was known as "the ablest politician in Towns County" until her death. The Hiawassee Baptist Association Minutes of 1881 carried this notice: "Millie Burch, mother of Elder Joseph Burch, has died at 93." She was buried in the Old Burch Cemetery of Hiawassee for which she had given the land. They were the parents of 13 known children, one of whom was Henry Hardin Burch, born February 22,1820, in Pendleton County.

On March 12, 1839, in Union County, Georgia, Henry Hardin Burch was married to Mariah Jane Brown, born January 28, 1821 in North Carolina, by his brother-in-law, Robert Byers, JP. In the 1840's Henry H. Burch was 1st Lieutenant of the Union County Militia. In early 1850 he and his family traveled by steamboat from Union County, Georgia, to settle in Marion County near Flippin.

Henry Hardin Burch, Baptist and Mason, was remembered with great affection by his grandchildren as a man of unquestioned integrity and firm principle. He was a "man of few words" who preferred to demonstrate his regard by deeds. They recalled his many acts of kindness to family members, friends and neighbors -- acts which he thought were kept unknown. His wife died March 28, 1890, and was buried in the family cemetery near their home, one-half mile south of Flippin. His grandchildren recalled that he climbed the knoll each evening to say his prayers at her graveside. He died December 19, 1900, and was buried there, also.

Only one child of Jarrett Burch, Sr., and his wife, Emily, lived in Marion County. She was Emily Wikle, wife of Samuel Wikle, and their children were Nancy (1837), Sarah Ann (1839), Jarrett B. (1841), Lydia H. (1843), Amanda (1845), Samantha Adeline (1848), and George S. (1857). This family appears in the 1860 census of Marion County but not that of 1870 and the present whereabouts of their descendants is not known.

The children of Henry Hardin Burch and Mariah Jane Brown were all married in Marion County and they are: (1) Vincent Pinson Burch (September 12, 1840-July 31,1902) was buried in Duncan, Oklahoma. He served in Company K, Shaler's (27th) Regiment, Arkansas Infantry, and was a POW at Rock Island, Illinois. About 1866 he married Dianah Jane Mathis, and their children were: Michael Mathis who married Mary Eloise Nash; Walse Ann who married John Robert Willie; Henry Hardin who married Kate Lillian Monzinge; Robert E. Lee who married Hettie Laura Crosser; and Grover Cleveland who married Dosha B. Dickerson. (2) Beckham Judson Burch served in Company K, Shaler's (27th) Regiment, Arkansas Infantry, was not married and died in the army camp in Little Rock in January 1863. (3) Mercer Burch served as bugler with Company K, and married Winnie Mathis, sister of Dianah Jane, in 1866. Their children were: Mary Ann who married a Hargrove; Mariah Jane who married A. P. Morris; Minnie who married David Nesbitt; Winnie Alice who married Charles Chester Moore; Alonzo H. who married Anna Dodgen; Leotia Catherine, Livonia and Henry H. who all died young. (4) John Henry Burch served in Company M, 2nd Regiment of the Missouri Light Artillery. In 1870 he married Martha Agnes Williams and their children were: Lucilla who died in infancy; Mary Margaret who married Billy Woods; Emily who married Claude Flippin; Rachel Jane who married N. H. Holland; Elmer who never married; twins Alberta (died in infancy) and George Washington who married Mosell Ledford; Thomas Henry who married Ella Gray; Walse married Mark Thompson; Don was unmarried; and Cora who married Francis Marion Wood. (5) Millie S. Burch married Edward M. Reynolds and their children were: Annie who married A. Jack Morgan; Elzada who married William Silas McBee; Arey who married Ed Wise; Orae who married Henry F. Wood; Minnie who married Ollie Mahan; Ardella and Louverta who died in infancy. (6) Rachel Jane Burch who married Lafayette Ritter and their children were: Leroy who married Sarah Belle Ray; Richardson Forrest who married Etta Martha Sims; Mark Wesley who married Cora Ann Rea; Martha A. who married John B. Sharp; Indiana who married Benjamin Hurst; John Henry Clay who married Ellen T. Hart; Dell who died at age 14; Carroll D. who married Belle Williams; Amy Jane who married W. I. Hornbuckle, and is the last living member of her family. (7) Thomas Jefferson Burch married "Sis" Mathis, sister of Dianah Jane and Winnie, wives of two of his brothers. Their children were Tillrnan, Francis, Bob, Neil, Nora, Nona, and Alice. (8) George Washington who married Mandana Hudson and their children were: Essie who married Andrew Tillman Parnell; Belle; Nanie; Henry who married Ollie Wooten; and Francis who married Lena Melton. (9) Francis Marion Burch married Alice Lee Hurst, daughter of John McCurry Hurst and Elizabeth Amanda Adams of Marion County. Their children were: Callie Laura who married Oscar Holland; Hardin McCurry; Robert Elzey; Francis Marion who married Laura Elliot; Amanda Elizabeth who married John Garrett; Nancy Edith who married Thomas L. Howard; Bryan DeKalb; Ada Agnes who married Dewey Jester; Ruth Forrest who married W. H. Dodgen, Jr.; Nellie Gwinetta who married Retus Jester; John Hershel who married Grace Jester; Oscar William who married Floy Ward; and Clifton Waters who married Marie Daniels. (10) Lewallen DeKalb Grover Burch married M. Pallie Morgan and their children were: Hulda who married Ira Wood; Lou Ella who married Ernmett Matthews; Lilly Belle who married John Wise; Nancy Elzada who married Edward Wooten; Grover Cleveland who married Velma Rea; Lessie Ellen who married, first, Edward Bonner and, later, Herbert Owings; and Elis Floyd. (11) Saint Francis Burch died when she was 10 and was the first to be buried in the Burch Cemetery. The site was chosen because it was her favorite place to play. Her parents are buried beside her. (12) Mary Ann Burch married John B. Hurst and their children were: Seth who married Cressie Matthews; Walter Clarence who married Stella Messick; Gus who married Arkie Wooten; Mitta Main who married Francis Wade Lancaster; Frank who married Eula Matthews; William Henry who married Myrtle ---; Mae who married Thomas Wooten; Robert Alexander who married Faye Lovelady; and twins, one died un-named and Theodore who married Anna.

Reprinted with permission from History of Marion County edited by Earl Berry, copyright 1977.